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蚌埠第三人民医院祛除腋臭多少钱蚌埠打胶原蛋白针隆下巴My English Teacher() -- :51:5 来源: My English Teacher()Hello! I’m Jessie. I like English very much, because of my English teacher, Nettie. Today, I’ll introduce her to you. In my eyes, she’s not a teacher, but a lovely girl and a good friend of mine. She is not tall. She is thin. She has the long hair. Her face is round. there are two small eyes on her face. She likes smiling. When she smiles, her eyes just like the moon at the beginning of the month. I think she is very beautiful girl.She’s very kind, like an old friend. She can sing. She can draw. She can dance. She can speak very good English. She can tell us stories. She can play games with us. When we have an English lesson, we feel very happy. All of us are interested in her lesson.I have a good teacher. I think I’m very lucky.安徽省蚌埠东方美莱坞整形医院激光去痘多少钱 My Good Friend Lily -- :55: 来源: My Good Friend LilyMy good friend is Lily. She is twelve years old. She has big eyes, black hair, a small nose and a small mouth. She is Chinese. She speaks English very well and she can sing very well. She lives in Dongyue Park. Her parents are workers. They work in a factory. Lily is studying in her house. She has classes m Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, she goes to library, borrows new books and does her homework. She is clever and hardworking. She likes running and listening to the radio. Her favourite food is ice cream and milk. Her favourite animals are dog and cat.中国著名旅游景点英文介绍 --7 :56: 来源: 中国著名旅游景点英文介绍1. The Great wallThe Great Wall, located in northern China, is 6,700 kilometers long and thus known as the “,000-li Great Wall”. Construction of the wall went on more than ,000 years, from 7 th century to th century AD. The wall has become a symbol of both China’s proud historyand its present strength.. The Palace MuseumThe Palace Museum, also called the bidden City, is located in the center of Beijing. The imperial palace used by emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is the largest and most complete ancient wooden-structure building complex in the world. Construction of the bidden City started in and lasted years. emperors were enthroned there.3. Zhoukoudian: Home of the Peking ManRemains of the Peking Man (homo erectus) are located on the Dragon Bone Hill at Zhoukoudian Village, Fangshan District, Beijing. In the 19s, archaeologists discovered the complete skull of Peking Man. Later, more skull bones as well as stone and bone instruments were unearthed. Peking Man lived 690,000 years ago, during Paleolithic times. Findings indicate that Peking Man knew how to make fires.. Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum and Terra-cotta ArmyQinshihuang’s Mausoleum is located in Lintong District, 35 kilometers east of Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi Province. Construction ofthe mausoleum lasted 38 years and involved over 700,000 workers. Over the years, a total of 50,000 important cultural relics have been unearthed. In 1980, two bronze painted horse-drawn chariots were unearthed. They are the largest and most complete bronze chariots and horses discovered so far. In 197, farmers who were digging a well about 1.5 kilometers east of Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum discovered three vaults containing Qinshihuang’s Buried Legion. The largest of the three vaults contains 6,000 life-size terra-cotta warriors and horses. The collection of warriors is often dubbed the“eighthwonder of the world”.5. The Mogao Grottoes at DunhuangDunhuang Grottoes comprise of the Mogao grottoes, West 1,000-Buddha Cave, and Yulin Cave. The Mogao Grottoes, representative of the three sites, are located 5 kilometers southwest of Dunhuang City, Gansu Province. Construction of the grottoes began in 366 AD. The well-designed grottoes are a treasure house containing painting, sculptures, documents, and cultural relics.6. The Huangshan MountainLocated in Huangshan City in southern Anhui Province, the scenic area of the Huangshan Mountain covers square kilometers and is famous its four wonders: strangely-shaped pines, grotesque rock mations, seas of clouds and hot springs. It also features a natural zoo and botanical garden. 3 中国 著名 旅游景点龙子湖区臀部吸脂多少钱

蚌埠抽脂减肥的价格My Happy Day -- :56:9 来源: My Happy DayToday is Friday. I get up at six thirty in the morning. Then I make my bed, wash my face and brush my teeth. At six ty, my father prepares the breakfast. I have breakfast at six ty-five. I have congee, noodles breakfast. At seven o’clock, I go to school by my father’s motor bike. We have four classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon. At twelve o’clock, I’m very hungry. I have lunch at school. In the afternoon, I go home at six o’clock. I do my homework after school. My father, my mother and I have supper at seven o’clock. My mother and I watch TV at eight o’clock. Then I wash my face and brush my teeth in the evening. I go to bed at ten twenty. I think, tomorrow will be my happy day , too !凤阳去痘坑多少钱 我的班级 My Class -- :7:31 来源: Myname is Zhong Xin and I am student in Grade Six. There are ty-two studentsin my class. Nineteen are boys and twenty-three are girls. Like most otherclasses, there are some interesting students in my class. And there are somequiet students, too. In general, my class is a ed union. Our classmates geton well with each other. We are classmates as well as friends. I like my lovelyclass.我的名字叫钟欣,是一名六年级的学生我们班一共有四十二名学生,其中十九名男生,二十三名女生和其他大部分班级一样,我的班级有一些很有趣的学生,也有一些比较安静的学生总的来说,我的班级是一个团结的集体,同学之间友好相处我们不仅是同学,也是朋友我喜欢我可爱的班级蚌埠美莱坞整形美容医院祛胎记好吗

淮南市妇幼保健院纹眉多少钱How to Study English Well? 怎样学好英语? --9 :5:55 来源: How to Study English Well? 怎样学好英语?  We all know that English is very useful. Many people in the world speak English. So more and more people in China study it.  How to study English well? I think we must have a good way to study English. If you want to learn English well, listening, speaking, ing and writing are important. You should listen to tapes every day. You should often speak English with your teachers and friends. You should English every morning. And, you had better keep a diary every day. In this way, you can study English well.  我们都知道英语很有用,世界上有许多人讲英语所以中国也有越来越多的人学英语  怎样把英语学好?我想我们必须有一个好的学习英语的方法如果你想学好英语,听、说、读、写很重要你应该每天听磁带,你应该经常同老师和朋友们讲英语,你应该每天早晨读英语,而且你最好每天记一篇日记用这种方法,你就能学好英语 期末考试 The Final Exam -- :7:19 来源: Yesterday,I took the final exam of this term. I worked hard to prepare it, but I wasstill nervous. I was afraid that I couldn’t do it well. I had three exams,Chinese, math and English. In the morning, it was the Chinese. It was not sodifficult me that I was sure I could be good in it. Then, it was math inthe afternoon. It’s the part I was afraid of most. Not surprised, I met sometroubles in math exam. But I still hope they wouldn’t be serious. I am good at English,so I didn’t worry about it. I knew I can do well in it. In short, the finalexam was not so hard me and I am quite sure the scores will be perfect.昨天,我参加了这学期的期末考试虽然我很努力备考,但是考前我依然很紧张,我怕自己考不好有三门考试,分别是语文、数学和英语第一天早上考语文,这对我来说不算难,我相信自己能考好下午考数学,这是我最怕的一科不出意料,考试的时候果然碰到难题了,但我希望不会错得太离谱英语是我的强项,所以我没有担心英语科目,我知道我会有优异的表现总的来说,期考对于我来说并不算太难,我相信自己能考出好成绩蚌埠附属医院冰点脱毛多少钱五河县蓝光祛痘多少钱



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