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Its Friday February 11th. Im Mark Licea and its time to get loaded.今天是2月1日,周五。我是Mark Licea,是时候了解最新资讯了。Nokia is embracing Windows Phone 7 on its future handsets. Microsoft and Nokia announced that Windows Phone will be the primary smart phone OS for Nokia phones but this doesnt mean Nokia will exclusively run Windows Phone 7 on its devices. Bing will be the default search on Nokia phones and Nokia maps will power many Microsoft services on the phone. Nokia and Microsoft will also merge their app stores. No idea how long it takes before Nokias current OS Symbian is phased out.诺基亚未来产品将采用Windows Phone 7系统。微软和诺基亚宣布诺基亚未来智能手机系统将主要采用Windows系统,但这并不意味着诺基亚产品都会采用Windows Phone 7系统。必应搜索将作为诺基亚的默认搜索引擎,诺基亚地图将采用许多微软手机应用。诺基亚和微软还联合推出了应用商城。目前还不得而知诺基亚的塞班操作系统还有多久才会被逐渐淘汰。The Opera mini web browser is coming to the iPad. The company announced that up-to-date Opera mini will launch at Mobile World Congress and be on Android, IOS, Blackberry and Symbian devices along with the iPad. This is the first established browser alternative to hit the iPad after apple safari.Opera移动浏览器将推出iPad版本。这家公司在全球移动大会上宣布将推出安卓,苹果,黑莓,塞班和iPad版本的浏览器。OPera浏览器的更新无疑对苹果的safari浏览器来说将是首次挑战。And ATamp;T doesnt want you to go to Verizon or any other network. Thats why they are offering unlimited cost to any phone on any network for free. Of course its not that simple. You need to have unlimited messaging and a qualifying voice plan. Unlimited messaging is per month or 30 for the family talk plan. ATamp;T is also promoting a sale where Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices can be purchased for a penny with a 2-year contract.美国电话电报公司并不想你成为老对头威瑞森公司的客户。因此他们免费让你想打多少电话或上网都能实现。当然这没你想得那么简单。你必须有无限通讯和语音套餐。每月20美元不限短信数量,或30美元使用家庭话费套餐。美国电话电报公司还为黑莓,安卓,windows Phone 7产品定制了为期2年的话费套餐。And T-Mobile has a great sale today and tomorrow T-Mobile will offer every phone four free customers that signed to your contract.德国电信公司最近生意不错,未来前景也很好。德国电信为每一位购买手机并签订合同的用户提供免费拨打的四个号码。And Windows Phone 7 users can make purchases on Amazon with a new app. Its free and lets you search and buy products from the online retailer. Windows Phone 7 specific swipes are also supported to let you slide between product and files like reviews, related items and details.安装应用,Windows Phone 7将可以再亚马逊上购物。这款应用是免费的,使用它,你可以用手机向在线零售商购买商品。Window Phone 7的这款特殊应用将持用户阅读商品及产品信息,详情评价等。And Google wants to make sure your personal information is safe. They are lauching a feature that anyone can enable and lets you log in to Google using your existing password and a special second password that changes. Google will send you a pass code by text or through the Google authenticator app and then you log in. The set maybe intimidating for some but if your information is worth protecting youll do it.谷歌想要确保用户的个人信息安全。登录谷歌的一个新特点就是要输入已注册的账户名和密码,另外还有一个动态密码。谷歌系统将在你登录时自动把动态密码以短信形式发送到你的手机上。这种设计也许太过严谨,但如果你的信息值得这样被保护,你会选择这么做的。Thats your news for the day and that wraps up your week of getting loaded. Im Mark Licea for CNET.com and youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的新闻,也是本周的最新资讯。我是CNET.com的Mark Licea,感谢您的收看。phased out 逐渐淘汰注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201210/204104。

Business Loyalty cards and insurance Every little helps商业 会员卡和保险 积少成多As it pushes into finance, Tescos Clubcard gives it a competitive edge乐购进军金融界,其会员卡为之奠定优势SOME young drivers get tanked up and wrap their cars round lampposts; others drive carefully, and sober.一些年轻的司机给车加满油,不开而是停在路灯边上;也有一些谨慎上路,不过时刻清醒绝不酒驾。Insurers would love to collect more background information on the personal habits of those buying motor, household and life policies, but do not want to put off potential customers with intrusive questionnaires.之于购置汽车,家居用品和人寿保险的消费者,保险商更乐意于收集他们的个人喜好,而不是用无礼的问卷赶走潜在客户。So they end up pooling groups of people by such basic factors as age, occupation and postcode, which means that some low-risk customers are lumped in with risky ones and subsidise their cover.因此他们趋向于将收集的信息划成年龄,职业,地域邮编等分类,也就是说把不乐意冒风险的和有冒险意识的客户放在一起考虑,用后者的投资弥补前者的保险金。If only insurers could stealthily gather a few titbits about their potential policyholders consumption habits.若保险公司真能暗地里收集到些许潜在投保人的消费喜好也不是坏事。Such hints might help them more accurately target those customers least likely to make claims, and attract them with better rates.这些线索能帮他们更准确的找出不愿投保的人,并以优惠的利率将其吸引过来。As it happens, Tesco routinely collects such information from holders of its Clubcard loyalty card.碰巧乐购长期以来也正用会员忠诚卡收集客户的信息。As it bulks up in financial services, that may give Britains largest supermarket chain an edge over traditional insurers.乐购在金融务业正日益壮大,相较于传统保险公司,这种忠诚卡将会使这个英国最大的超市产业链在信息收集上更具优势。To give an obvious example, it would be worth offering pet insurance to someone who has started buying kitty-litter.举个典型的例子,向开始买猫砂的人推销宠物保险是值得一试的;Buying lots of booze does not make you a drunk-driver, but someone who buys little or none seems less likely to be one.疯狂买酒的人不一定会酒驾(车祸保险),但几乎不买酒的人可能性更小;Buyers of window locks are likely to be more security-conscious, and so on.买窗锁的人极有可能安全意识较强,等等。Tesco declined to discuss how it uses Clubcard data for this article.乐购拒绝在如何利用会员卡收集信息方面谈得过多。But a group of students at the London School of Economics carried out a class project in which they made several applications for Tesco car insurance.但伦敦经济学院的一组学生对此做了课题并投保了乐购车险。When they gave the number of an unused Clubcard it earned a 1% discount.当他们报出一张已经闲置不用的卡号时,只得到1%的折扣;When they gave the same personal details but ed the numbers of heavily used Clubcards, the discounts varied greatly, reaching 18%.而当他们用同样的身份信息加上频繁一个使用的卡号时,折扣大的多,将近有18%。To paraphrase Tescos slogan, it seems that every little scrap of information helps.借用乐购的标语,似乎正是涓流成河,积少成多。 /201212/214206。

Immortality永生For ever and ever追求永生Immortality: The Quest to Live Forever and How It Drives Civilisation.《永生:对长命百岁的追求及这是如何影响文明》IMMORTALITY is an age-old obsession. Plenty of literature deals with the subject, from the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamish to the poems of Homer and the writings of the Old Testament. The quest to live for ever has motivated medieval alchemists, modern techno-Utopians and mystics through the centuries.永生是人们亘古不变的追求。不论是苏美尔人的《《吉尔迦美什史诗》,还是荷马的诗歌,亦或是《旧约》,大量的文学作品都以此为主题。历经了数个世纪,人们都追求着永生,这种观点激励着中世纪炼金术士,现代的技术乌托邦主义者,神秘主义者。In his survey of the subject, Stephen Cave, a British philosopher, argues that man’s various tales of immortality can be boiled down into four basic “narratives”. The first is the simplest, in theory at least: do what the medieval alchemists never managed and discover an elixir to simply avoid dying. The second concerns resurrection, or coming back to life after dying, a belief found in all three of the Abrahamic religions. The idea of an immaterial soul that can persist through death dates back, in a formal form, at least to Plato, and forms Mr Cave’s third narrative. His fourth narrative deals with immortality through achievement, by becoming so famous that one’s name lives on through the ages.英国哲学家史蒂芬?凯夫在他对这一问题的调查中指出,关于永生的各种传说都可以归为四类“说法”。第一种在理论上至少是最简单的:完成中世纪炼金术士的遗愿,即发明一种长生不老药;第二种是复活,即死而复生,这种信仰普遍存在于三个亚拉伯罕宗教(基督教、犹太教和伊斯兰教)中;第三种是人们认为无形的灵魂能够穿越死亡,这种理念的正式形态,至少可以追溯回柏拉图时代。第四种是通过取得成就获得永生,即让自己名垂千古。For the aspiring undying, Mr Cave unfortunately concludes that immortality is a mirage. But his demolition project is fascinating in its own right. The section on the soul is an able attack on the related doctrines of “vitalism”, the soul and mind-body dualism—the intuitive and still widely held body of ideas that hold that living creatures are animated by some sort of supernatural spark, and that an individual’s personality or consciousness can survive death. The chapters on resurrection will interest Christians, as Mr Cave examines how the literal recreation, by God, of dead people’s bodies remains the doctrine of most branches of Christianity. The idea of one’s soul, as opposed to one’s body, ending up in heaven or hell is a subsequent embellishment.对向往长生不老的人而言遗憾的是,凯夫做出了一个结论:永生是种幻想。不过就事论事,他对此的的确很吸引人。调查中,关于灵魂的部分对与之相关的“生机论”教义做了有力的攻击,即灵魂与身心二元论——这是一种非常直接,且许多人都相信的思想,他们认为某种超自然的力量赋予了生物生命,一个人的人格及意识能够超越死亡而存在。基督徒会对凯夫探讨复活的章节感兴趣,因为他探讨了上帝重造已死者的肉体这一点是怎样一直做为各基督教派的教义保留下来的。人们认为,一个人的灵魂,不同于其躯体,它终会上天堂或是下地狱,则是在该思想(上帝可以重造肉体)之后才发展出来的一种修饰。If anything, ers might want more of Mr Cave’s crisp conversational prose. There could be more on living longer; Mr Cave barely has time to give even the briefest overview of the emerging science of life extension, which has allowed researchers to lengthen the lifespans of mice by a third or more in the lab.如果凯夫与其他调查有和不同的话,那便是读者也许想读到更多他的干净利索的对话式散文。有关延长寿命的章节可以再长一些,但凯夫几乎没时间对当今研究长寿的科学做一个最简洁的概述。这种科学使得科研者们将实验室里小白鼠的寿命延长了三分之一或更多。There are a few quibbles. Mr Cave’s repeated claim that the quest for immortality drives every human activity feels overdone. Others might dispute his definition of immortality itself. Mr Cave’s chief argument against the desirability of living for ever (even assuming it is possible) is the familiar one of boredom. As the uncountable billions of years tick away, the argument runs, even the most vivacious will come to realise that they have done everything there is to do, hundreds of times. With yet more billions of years looming ahead they will be struck down with a debilitating ennui.不过,凯夫的调查还是存在小瑕疵。他一直宣称,对永生的追求主导了人类所有活动,这未免让人觉得有些夸大。他对于永生自身的定义还存在争议。对于长生的好处(姑且认为这是可能的),凯夫最主要的辩驳观点是人们非常熟悉的:厌烦。该论点认为:随着数十亿年逐渐过去,即使是最有活力的人/永生者也会慢慢意识到自己已经做完了所有可做的事,而且每一件都做了不下数百次了。未来还有数十亿年要面对,这些永生者将会感到一种压倒一切的无聊感。That argument only applies if these notional immortals are also invincible, and therefore impervious to accident. But that is an odd definition, and not one that crops up very often, especially in scientific research into ageing. The holy grail there is simply to arrest the ageing process. Indeed, Mr Cave es an actuary who has estimated that the average “medical immortal” would persist for around 6,000 years before dying in a plane accident or a car crash or the like. And besides, boredom seems to be a non-problem: after all, if an immortal does ever get truly bored of his vastly extended life, there would be nothing to prevent him from ending it.只有在这些所谓的永生者也是所向无敌,因此不受任何事故伤害时,上述论点才能成立。不过这是个奇怪的定义,并非时不时冒出来的,尤其是在研究衰老的科研中。圣杯只是为了阻止衰老。的确,凯夫引用了一位精算师的话,据那位精算师估计,一个“医学上永生”的人平均大约可以活6000年,不过最终他会死于坠机,撞车等事故。另外,这种厌烦似乎不是问题:别忘了,若一个获得永生的人实在厌烦了自己没完没了的生命,什么也阻止不了他将其结束。201205/183793。

Bilingual Education, a work in progress—Today on Congressional Moment. By the time the 13 British colonies declared their independence, over two million people had immigrated across the ocean from Europe. Many were British, but many more were from other countries, and spoke other languages. It was not long before bilingual education became an issue. By the mid 1800s, various states were conducting classes in languages such as French, German, Dutch and Greek.今日国会时刻——双语教育,仍在发展的事业。到英国13个殖民地宣布独立时,已有超过200万人穿越海洋从欧洲移民。很多人来自英国,但更多人来自其他国家,他们讲其他语言。不久之后双语教育便应运而生。到19世纪中期,各州均开设了用法语,德语,荷兰语以及希腊语讲授的课程。Non English-speaking students received some protection under the 14th Amendments Equal Protection Clause, ratified in 1868, and over a hundred years later, in 1968, the Bilingual Education Act was created. It was the first official federal legislation recognizing the specific needs of students with limited English-speaking ability.第十四条修正案的平等保护条款于1868年批准生效,这为母语为非英语的学生提供了更多保护,且在100后的1968年,国会通过了《双语教育法》。这条法案以联邦法律形式成立,它的重要意义在于认识到英语能力差的学生的特殊需求。It gave assistance to many local districts to establish bilingual education programs. During the 1980s and 90s, Congress amended the Act several times, reflecting new challenges, changing priorities and new teaching techniques.这条法律协助了各地机构建立双语教育项目。在20世纪80年代至90年代,国会屡次修改这条法案,修改内容反应了新的挑战,不断变化的优先事项以及新式教学技巧。The issue was, and still is, hotly debated at the grass roots level, with children coming to our schools speaking more than 200 languages. Congress continues to wrestle with the important issue of how best to help students from non-English speaking families move into the mainstream of American life. The Bilingual Education Act is clearly a work-in-progress, and related issues are likely to be found in the media and on the ballots for many years to come.进入美国学校读书的学生所说的语言超过200种,这个问题曾是并仍然是民间热议的话题。如何帮助来自非英语家庭的学生融入进美国主流生活,国会将继续设法解决这一问题。显然,双语教育仍是有待发展事业。未来许多年内媒体,竞选宣传仍会持续报道、提及相关问题。原文译文属!201210/203549。